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The people of Washington, DC deserve the same rights as Americans living in the 50 states. We want full voting representation in the US Congress and an end to Congressional interference in our local government. 


We can do this by creating the 51st state from the residential and commercial areas of the District of Columbia, preserving a smaller federal district as the nation's capital.









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Known officially as the State of Washington, DC Admission Act, the legislation from DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (HR 51 in the House) was reintroduced in the new Congress with a record 227 cosponsors. On Friday, June 26, the House of Representatives passed the bill (for the first time in history) by a vote of 232-180. A companion bill from Sen. Tom Carper (DE) -- S. 631 -- was reintroduced in the Senate and has gone on to attract a record 43 cosponsors. For the full list of past and present Congressional cosponsors, see here.


DC activists have put in the time on a wide variety of projects designed to expand education about the workings of local Washington, DC, defending and expanding DC Home Rule and on fully enfranchising the people of Washington, DC through statehood. (See below for photos from our morning meeting before the landmark February 2019 Capitol Hill Lobby Day, with over 200 local residents joining in visits to the new Congress, as well as a visit to Lansing, MI for a conference with local and Congressional elected officials in October 2019.)


NEW! The DC Statehood Movement: A Recent(ish) History 

In DC Statehood terms, of course, recent is a relative concept. Fifty Years and Counting is the history of our statehood movement, from a provocative 1970 essay to the historic House vote for statehood in June 2020. You can read this history (in twelve chapters) here


#DCStatehood Placed On Senate Calendar

We are happy to announce that thanks to the efforts of Sen. Tom Carper, sponsor of S. 631 (companion bill to Congresswoman Norton's HR 51), DC Statehood has been added to the Senate Calendar for later in the year. Of course this does not mean that the bill will get a vote, especially as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promises to do all he can to stop the bill. In the meantime, now would be a good time to check in with Neighbors United for DC Statehood for the most current list of top prospects to join onto S. 631 in the Senate. You can see more here.


Rep. John R. Lewis, 1940-2020

We are all mourning the loss of civil rights icon, voting rights leader and Georgia Representative John Lewis, who passed away in his sleep on July 17. Rep. Lewis' more than 60 years of work for civil rights, from the founding of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (together with our own Eleanor Holmes Norton) to his leadership of the Freedom Rides to the 1963 March on Washington as one of its "Big 6" organizers and speakers, to the Selma Voting Rights Campaign of 1965, then to the Southern Regional Council and the Voter Education Project in Atlanta, then the Atlanta city government, and finally the US House, Lewis spent decades championing and defending full and equitable citizenship for millions of Americans who continued to fight laws which perpetuated disenfranchisement.


Rep. Lewis also stands out among longtime elected officials for his steadfast refusal to compromise on matters he believed to be core civil rights. Lewis famously argued at the March On Washington, "We do not want our freedom gradually, but we want to be free now!"


And in 1993, when HR 51 came up for a floor vote for the first time ever in the House of Representatives, at a time when a good number of members of his own party were not yet persuaded the time for statehood had come, Rep. Lewis argued, "What people all over this country are seeing on television today ought to embarrass us, ought to move us. It is not right that we have to be here in 1993 debating whether to give American citizens living right here in the shadow of the Capitol the right to be represented in Congress. It is not right. You know it. And I know it."


Thank you for so much, Rep. Lewis.


VICTORY!!! US House of Representatives Passes HR 51!!!

For the first time in history, the House of Representatives passed HR 51, the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth Admission Act, on Friday, June 26 by a vote of 232-180. While the vote was essentially along party lines, we want to thank all the activists at home and our allies around the country and in Congress for their years of steady, dogged work and dedication to defending the rights of Washingtonians as citizens who deserve the same rights as Americans in the 50 states. Put the past in the done pile. The future is now!


District of Columbia Residents Reject Occupation and Abuse!

The killing of George Floyd rocked America, prompting protests across the nation, including Washington, DC. On Monday, June 1, a peaceful crowd of protesters in Lafayette Square near the White House met an unprovoked attack when tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades were used to disperse the crowd in order for the President and senior advisors to make their way across the Square for a photo op outside St. John's Church. Huge fences have been erected around the Square since Monday, extending well beyond the White House itself. Given DC's unique status as a federal territory, the President and federal officials control a variety of different federal law enforcement and military institutions in the District of Columbia. Since that Monday, the federal government has brought in National Guard troops and other law enforcement agents from a variety of states. We still know nothing about what these forces are intended to do or how long they will be here.


This is what a lack of statehood means at a time of upheaval and a president intent on using (abusing) every power at his disposal. If you live in a state, tell your governor, your senators and your representative to stand up for the people of DC and to endorse our statehood bill today! See the full list of House and Senate cosponsors (and not-yet cosponsors) here


Marylanders Support DC Statehood, Reject Retrocession

The results of a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll conducted October 9-14, 2019 showed that a majority of Marylanders favor (51%-40%) creating a new state from the District of Columbia, and a larger majority oppose (57%-36%) adding the District of Columbia to Maryland as a county. (The poll also shows significant continuing opposition to statehood on the national level, though other polls have shown somewhat greater support nationally.)


New Tool: Find the Congressional District

See the full list of cosponsors -- AND Not Yet Cosponsors. We have added a link on our Statehood in Congress page which includes information on all the remaining representatives and senators who have yet to cosponsor HR 51 and S. 631. You can also see the geographic descriptions for each of these House districts. If you have family or close friends in some of these states, take a look and see if they live in one of our targeted Congressional districts!


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House Passes HR 51 232-180!!!

This was the first ever successful House vote on #DCStatehood in the US House of Representatives. (The first successful vote in either house of Congress, in fact.)



Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy!

The aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election and pending Transition is still rippling throughout the daily news, with accusations of election fraud by the President and his supporters continuing to fill the headlines despite dozens of courts which have upheld the validity of the results two weeks since the election. Washington, DC residents (alongside others) continue to experience ongoing episodes of protest and counterprotest which led to violence and arrests on charges including illegal weapons possession on the weekend of November 14-15 (we are awaiting more details). At the same time, nationwide outbreaks of Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, and in many places, rising deaths, has brought home a reminder that this virus remains a very serious threat, as infectious disease specialists warn that we are likely to experience another prolonged period of rising infections during the winter months. Washington, DC is seeing a Covid spike of its own, with the positive infection rate having increased from 2% in October to over 4.5% by mid-November. We encourage everyone to remain vigilant and avoid situations which could increase your risk of infection. 


Check out our newest #DCStatehood video!

Our newest video, Justice for DC, is on YouTube and features interviews and recollections from a variety of Washingtonians who explain the difference between being a resident of a state and a resident of the District of Columbia, and why they want Statehood.



Check out our 51st State video!

Inspired by Last Week Tonight Host and Former Daily Show Correspondent John Oliver, who devoted an episode to the absurdity of the political status of the residents of the District of Columbia. See the full Last Week Tonight clip here (and note that some of this late night HBO language may not be suitable for young kids). We turned Mr. Oliver's new and improved "50 States Song" into a proper 51st State Song. To see the revised lyrics, please click here.



Statehood marchers at the Capitol Hill Parade, July 4, 2015.


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