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The people of Washington, DC deserve the same rights as Americans living in the 50 states. We want full voting representation in the US Congress and an end to Congressional interference in our local government. 


We can do this by creating the 51st state from the residential and commercial areas of the District of Columbia, preserving a smaller federal district as the nation's capital.









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Known officially as the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth (DC) Admission Act (HR 51), the legislation from DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has been reintroduced with 205 (at last count) House cosponsors.


Last year, on Friday, June 26, 2020, the House of Representatives passed HR 51 (for the first time in history) by a vote of 232-180. A companion bill from Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware -- S. 631 -- in the Senate gained a record 43 cosponsors by the end of 2020. For the full list of past and present House and Senate cosponsors, see here.


DC activists have put in the time on a wide variety of projects designed to educate Americans about local Washington, DC, defending and expanding DC Home Rule and fully enfranchising the people of Washington, DC through statehood. (See below for photos from our landmark February 2019 Capitol Hill Lobby Day, with over 200 local residents joining in visits to Congress, as well as a visit to Lansing, Michigan for a conference with elected officials in October 2019, one of a number of states visited by local activists in the last few years.)


Capitol Insurrection

January 6, 2021 will go down in infamy all across America. Following a midday speech by President Trump on the Ellipse, a crowd of thousands marched to the Capitol. Soon after, hundreds rammed their way through barriers and attacked the Capitol Police, forcing their way into the building, ransacking offices, breaking doors and windows as senators, representatives and staff barricaded themselves inside rooms while the Vice President and other leaders were evacuated. 5 deaths resulted from the insurrection, including a Capitol Police officer hit with a fire extinguisher and a rioter shot and killed during an attempt to force her way into a room. 


Videos of the attack show multiple examples of seditious, white supremacist, and extremist messages, including Confederate flags, a makeshift gallows, Neo-Nazi slogans and numerous Trump 2020 flags. Crowds searched for Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Pence, shouting threats to kill both.


While law enforcement continues to search for perpetrators in the attack, questions remain about why the insurrectionists were able to force their way into the Capitol as easily as they did. More than a dozen Capitol Police officers have been suspended pending investigation, and at least one is said to have been arrested. News outlets are providing continuing updates on members of police departments and former and even active-duty military personnel identified in attendence at the insurrection. Other investigations are seeking those responsible for the bombs left at the Republican and Democratic National Headquarters offices, as well as a third device found inside the Capitol, along with other assault weapons and explosive devices recovered, mostly in the Capitol Hill area.


The House of Representatives is drafting articles of Impeachment against President Trump for his alleged role in the insurrection which are expected to be introduced on Monday, January 11. For a closer look at the day's events and the specifics of Trump's speech that day, see here.


US Census Releases 2020 Population Estimates

The US Census Bureau released its annual state population estimates in December, recorded on July 1 of each year. This most recent estimate puts Washington, DC at 712,816. As has been the case for many years, this number puts the District ahead of Wyoming (582,328) and Vermont (623,347), and only slightly behind Alaska (731,158) and North Dakota (765,309). 


Looking at the last decade of population growth in Washington, DC (an increase of >110,000 since 2010), it is not hard to envision DC surpassing or at least pulling even with additional states in the years to come. Beyond the states already mentioned, 5 states (DE, MT, NH, RI, SD) have populations of only approximately 1 million. Another 4 (HI, ME, NM, WV) are at only approximately 2 million. None of these 9 states have grown as fast as Washington, DC since 2010, and none are projected to grow significantly more quickly than DC in the decades ahead. Projections from DC's Office of Planning (see p. 2) would put our local population at 940,000 by 2040, and 987,000 by 2045 according to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, while bolder projections from the University of Virginia's Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service would place DC slightly over 1 million in 2040, above AK, RI, SD, VT and WY, roughly equal (<50,000 difference) with DE and ND, and 75% or more of the population of HI, ME, MT, NH and WV. See more here.


NEW! The DC Statehood Movement: A Recent(ish) History 

In DC Statehood terms, of course, recent is a relative concept. Fifty Years and Counting is the history of our statehood movement, from a provocative 1970 essay to the historic House vote for statehood in June 2020. You can read this history (in twelve chapters) here


New Tool: Find the Congressional District

See the full list of cosponsors -- AND Not Yet Cosponsors. We have added a link on our Statehood in Congress page which includes information on all the remaining representatives and senators who have yet to cosponsor. You can also see the geographic descriptions for each of these House districts. If you have family or close friends in some of these states, take a look and see if they live in one of our targeted Congressional districts!


Upcoming and Ongoing Events


Sunday, January 3


Reintroduction of HR 51 

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton reintroduced the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth Admission Act (HR 51) on the opening day of the new Congress with a record 202 original cosponsors. Stay tuned for more details. 


Winter of 2020-2021: Battling Covid and Fear


Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy!

The aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election, the Capitol Insurrection on January 6, preparations for a second House Impeachment and nervous anticipation in advance of the pending Inauguration have rocked America, prompting discussion of domestic terrorism and comparisons to the regional violence, uprisings and overthrow of duly elected Reconstruction governments (such as in New Orleans) that preceded and followed the disputed election of 1876 and the beginning of the Jim Crow political era which undermined for decades the implementation of the civil rights and electoral reform laws that followed the Civil War. 


In addition to the shocking violence, killings and attempted bombings on January 6, Washington, DC residents have experienced multiple incidents of violence and arrests for illegal weapons possession and stabbings since the November election, in particular, violent incidents on the weekends of November 14-15 and December 11-13. Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was arrested during his arrival on Monday, January 4 by DC police (MPD) for his part in tearing down and burning a Black Lives Matter banner from Asbury United Methodist Church during a previous protest on December 12, as well as a charge of illegal weapons possession. (A Black Lives Matter banner was also stolen from Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.) 


At the same time, rising Covid-19 outbreaks, hospitalizations, and in so many places, death tolls, are showing us that Covid remains a very serious threat, and will likely remain so for months to come, as infectious disease specialists warn that we are likely to experience a prolonged period of rising infections during the winter. Washington, DC has seen a Covid spike of its own, with the test positivity rate having increased from 2% in October to over 4.5% by mid-November to 5.5% by the end of 2020 (December 28) and now 6.8% by January 7. We encourage everyone to remain vigilant and avoid situations which could increase your risk of infection. 


Check out our newest #DCStatehood video!

Our newest video, Justice for DC, is on YouTube and features interviews and recollections from a variety of Washingtonians who explain the difference between being a resident of a state and a resident of the District of Columbia, and why they want Statehood.



Check out our 51st State video!

Inspired by Last Week Tonight Host and Former Daily Show Correspondent John Oliver, who devoted an episode to the absurdity of the political status of the residents of the District of Columbia. See the full Last Week Tonight clip here (and note that some of this late night HBO language may not be suitable for young kids). We turned Mr. Oliver's new and improved "50 States Song" into a proper 51st State Song. To see the revised lyrics, please click here.



Statehood marchers at the Capitol Hill Parade, July 4, 2015.


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