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The people of Washington, DC deserve the same rights as Americans living in the 50 states. We want full voting representation in the US Congress and an end to Congressional interference in our local government. 


We can do this by creating the 51st state from the residential and commercial areas of the District of Columbia, preserving a smaller federal district as the nation's capital.






Keep up with DC Statehood Bill News! 

Known officially as the State of Washington, DC Admission Act, the legislation from DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton -- HR 1291 -- now has 146 cosponsors from 38 states as of February 15 -- 4 more just this week! A companion bill from Sen. Tom Carper (DE) -- S. 1278 -- now has 20 cosponsors as of November 14 (tying the record set in the previous Congress). For the full list of cosponsors for the 115th Congress (and previous Congresses), see here.


DC activists are working on a wide variety of projects designed to expand education about the workings of local Washington, DC, on defending and expanding DC Home Rule and on fully enfranchising the people of Washington, DC through statehood.


Happy Birthday, Frederick Douglass!

February 14 is the bicentennial of Frederick Douglass, American fugitive slave, abolitionist, suffragist, educator, activist, writer-publisher, ambassador and civil rights hero. Douglass, born a slave on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 1818 (he later settled on the date of February 14, as no written records existed), made his way to Rochester, NY and worked to organize African Americans fighting for the Union, ensuring that African Americans gained their full citizenship rights, including voting rights and equal rights of civic participation ("the right to vote and be voted for") with the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. Douglass served as an advisor to President Lincoln and a number of successors, and moved to Washington, DC permanantly in 1872, where he designed and built his home, Cedar Hill, which remains as a national monument today. A weekend of activities are planned for this Saturday, February 17 and Sunday, February 18.


Welcome to Another Year of Colonial Budgets

As we begin the debate in Congress for FY 2019 (and will there really be a federal budget? should we even ask?), things are already looking very familiar for the people of Washington, DC. President Trump released his FY19 budget proposal, maintaining bans on the use of local DC revenues in DC for laws which exist in various other states, such as the Death With Dignity Act, publicly funded abortion, and the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act, as well as maintaining the ban on the use of local monies to implement a tax and revenue system for legalized cannabis, which was passed by referendum in 2014 (following CO, WA, OR, AK and followed since by CA, NV, ME and MA).


One new item in President Trump's proposed budget: Abolishment of the DC Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) Program, which is one of the few perks that has been enjoyed by college students and parents in Washington, DC since 1999. DCTAG provides a tuition discount for universities in the Washington, DC metro area and at public universities and HBCUs across the country. DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has said she believes she will be able to maintain DCTAG funding.


Washington, DC Eighth Fastest-Growing "State" in 2017

A year-end report from the US Census showed that the District of Columbia was America's 8th fastest-growing "state" in percentage terms this year, with a July estimate of 693,972 residents, which represents an increase of nearly 100,000 residents since 2010. (An earlier report showed that Washington, DC had the 15th largest numeric population increase among cities from 2015 to 2016.) You can see more about the population of Washington, DC here (see "DC Population: Absolute, Relative and Growth")


Panel Discussion on Regaining Local Control of the DC Court System at UDC David A. Clarke Law School on November 30

Attendees heard from advocates, academics and formerly incarcerated residents about the challenges facing the DC justice system given the federal US Parole Commission's sole authority over DC resident prisoners. Many recounted parole hearings and efforts to obtain legal counsel in prisons far from home (unlike states, the federal Bureau of Prisons determines the location of imprisonment for all incarcerated DC residents). Judges in the local DC courts are appointed by the President and Congress. In addition to advocating for equal rights for Washington, DC through statehood, panelists encouraged the audience to press elected officials to move forward with stand-alone legislation to return authority over those convicted of local crimes to local DC officials.  


#DCforPR Fundraiser a Big Success!

Thanks to all who came out to the Unidos por Puerto Rico fundraiser at Red Rocks on October 5, sponsored by Americans for Self Rule, DC Vote and Neighbors United for DC Statehood. With your help, we raised over $2,000!


Milestones in Colonial Rule: US Attorney for DC

In the second week of September, DC residents witnessed the appointment of the newest US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Jessie Liu, a former Deputy Assistant US Attorney General under George W. Bush, and member of President Trump's Justice Department Transition Team. Unlike other US Attorneys, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia manages both federal and local criminal cases.


DC Home Rule Meets the Emoluments Clause:

DC Attorney General Karl Racine made national news with his announcement of a lawsuit filed together with MD Attorney General Brian Frosh against Pres. Donald Trump alleging violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution of the United States for income accrued by the President through his Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, which today hosts many of the international delegations which come to meet with officials at the White House. This lawsuit follows a lawsuit filed by Washington, DC hotel and restaurant operators. The Trump Organization has announced plans to build another hotel in Washington, DC.


Upcoming Events

Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation's Capital / Chris Myers Asch & Derek Musgrove

UDC David A Clarke School of Law (Student Center Ballroom)

Thursday, February 15, 6 pm

Please Register HERE


Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Birthday Weekend

Saturday, February 17 - Sunday, February 18

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (Cedar Hill)

1411 W St., SE

Anacostia Arts Center, 1231 Good Hope Rd, SE 

More information here


USCT Descendant Presentation

Alvin Corbitt will discuss his ancestor, Jack Sherwood, 135th US Colored Infantry.

Saturday, February 17, 11 am

African American Civil War Museum

1925 Vermont Ave, NW

More information here


Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation's Capital / Chris Myers Asch & Derek Musgrove

Anacostia Community Museum, 1901 Fort Place, SE

Saturday, February 17, 1 pm

Please Register HERE


I AM Frederick Douglass

Historic Lincoln Theatre, 1215 U Street, NW

Friday, February 23, 6 pm

Please Register HERE


Frederick Douglass and Howard University

Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site

1538 9th St., NW

Sunday, February 25, 12 pm

More information HERE (seating limited)



Check out our 51st State video!

Inspired by Last Week Tonight Host and Former Daily Show Correspondent John Oliver, who devoted an episode to the absurdity of the political status of the residents of the District of Columbia. See the full Last Week Tonight clip here (and note that some of this late night HBO language may not be suitable for young kids). We turned Mr. Oliver's new and improved "50 States Song" into a proper 51st State Song. To see the revised lyrics, please click here.



Statehood marchers at the Capitol Hill Parade, July 4, 2015.


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